Marc Klein is a author and photographer . He resides in Esclauzels (Lot).

Born in 1966 in Nancy, it is in Germany, Baden - Württemberg, he spent his childhood. Travel and eager for adventure, he enlist to 18 years in the military. Witness major conflicts in the 1990s, he decided to become a military photographer. The various theaters of operation it covers (Bosnia, Afghanistan and more generally Asia and Africa) put him in direct contact with the experiences of civilians every day. Thus it will deepen its sensitivity shooting and translate this difficult life experience with pics to perfecting itself from his mentor Bernard Villeroux, international guide and professional photographer.

During a photographic report of the King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah to Kabul in 2003, curiosity and natural empathy Marc led him to meet Reza , French photojournalist of Iranian origin. Therefore, photography became a passion for Marc who will drive his various professional and personal activities.

In 2004 he entered the audiovisual service of the french Presidence in the "Palais de l'Élysée" and became the official photographer of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy. During four years, he will practice photos reports in the context of «official visits» and decide on the historical moments. Its privileged relationship with the national and international press will help to sharpen his critical eye and earned him appearances in most of the daily event of the Hexagon.

From 2008 to 2012, both in charge of communication in the superior commander of the armed forces of New Caledonia and correspondent for Reuters, it combines work and culture by traveling the South Pacific. He will bring the contact pictures, the ones where the photographer is to empathize with the population.

Back in France, he produced photo reports for Terre information Magazine before leaving the Department of Defence.

Since 2012, Marc Klein was freelance photographer and is dedicate himself to news reports , society, illustration and portraits .

His photographic book, Class teacher... In the midst of primary school has just been published.