Subjective vision

Subjective vision is a photographic exhibition revolving around the standard "too good." Its aim is to restore the image experienced or seen, while remaining close to reality, but deliberately emphasizing this through software.

Sublimate ...

Exaggerate rendering and beauty, offering a surreal vision flirting with the limits of "false".
The image freezes our eyes ... channeling our emotions, our feelings ... triggers the dream.

Or stops the sublime?

Illustrated by photographs of countries diametrically opposed to bring an exotic touch. Catch the eye with scenes that visually recreate these places by calling the sensitivity. Add effects to enhance computer and push the maximum limits of the natural.

Then spring colors like a finale at a fireworks display. The viewer becomes an actor, he boards a crowd scene linked to his own imagination, felt in the present moment.

"Sublimate the sublime"

Accentuate the beautiful, make magic and get away dogmatic view of natural beauty and ... and finally in absolute grow weary.

"The sublime to the sublime product uneasily contrast, 
 and we need a break from everything, even the beautiful."

Victor Hugo - 1827