Rodrigo Marchevsky e os Marimbondos

The musicians of the Rodrigo Marchevsky e os Marimbondos * band deliver a lively and joyful music, the Forró, from the Nordeste region of Brazil. This wasp nest, according to the translation, offers you a repertoire that fluctuates between the traditional Forró and the modern Forró. Musicians' songs, the sounds of traditional instruments such as the triangle, the accordion and the zabumba (big flat drum), accompanied by a pandeiro, are permanent musical journey in the heart of the Nordeste, all embellished with the transcendent solos of saxophonist Yann Denèque.

(Rodrigo Marchevsky / accordion and singing - Yann Denèque / saxophone and clarinet - Roberto Oliveira / bassist - Bizaro Mar / triangle and pandeiro - Cacau Moutinho Da Silva / Zabumba)