Luanda, the air call.

This portfolio is the summary of an official flash trip to the Angolan capital of Luanda. As soon as we arrived, the VIP convoy flew at full speed to the downtown to join the hotel of the French delegation for a short refreshment. On the roofs of the surrounding buildings, armed guards monitor and forbid access to the site. The three decades of civil war have left traces that are still visible. Obviously, it is forbidden to take pictures of the window of my room or in the street. Departure for the presidential palace and the welcoming military ceremony, followed by a parade and a welcome speech. The press room is exciting... Meeting with the French community, crowds, smiles and promises... The convoy of cars awaits us to join the airport. As the convoy passes, the population looks at us with a dubious air, eyes devoid of empathy, waiting for the passage of the procession to resume their activities in court. Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro airport will be our last stop: "bye bye Luanda".