Oradour sur Glane. Military barbarism, a strategic political weapon?

It was inevitable to avoid civilian victims in any type of conflict.
Military barbarism is also a strategic political weapon to create fear and tension. The names have changed, the methods are a little different, but the purpose and effects are always the same. The psychological warfare linked to propaganda that attempts to demonstrate that civilians are not the objectives but the victims of the adversary who use them as a shield and hide themselves within the population. There is no difference between the imperialist wars of 2,500 years ago and today, except that today capitalism has its own media, radio, television and social networks, but to the identical it always has its diplomats and its political and economic lobbies. This seems cynical, yet wars multiply everywhere on the planet against a background of geopolitical strategy for the repartition of the world and geostrategic for the accaparation of natural wealth... the trade of arms and materials of war is the largest source profits from the capitalist states... we are still in the business of war and mass unemployment is part of this business.

We are undergoing a great manipulation which aims at the very destruction of intelligence in order to direct it and make it accept that the new wars undertaken in the name of freedom and democracy are made to protect them from the "evil enemies who flout freedom and democracy ". But if the new terrorists, fueled by capitalist money to destabilize regimes, are indeed barbarians, it is certain that they can have no compassion for the hostile civilian populations, hence massacres, humiliations, and practices of another age. The Nazis were racist but also ultraliberal psychopaths, their armies were led by madmen, but they did not invent torture, exterminations and wars, they merely reproduced the atrocities associated with the colonial and expansionist for millennia have gangrened the world ...
Politicians have always used collaborators attracted by the lure of gain and power, but also the propaganda and power of religious and other lobbies to justify their massacres.

Source : Cercle Ouvrier du Bassin Minier Ouest du Pas-de-Calais