Flavio Boltro at Colisée of Lens

Tonight, Flavio Boltro & the Jazz band of the Tire-Laine at the theatre of Colisée de Lens, for an exceptional concert. It snowing, it's so rare in the area and the city seems rocked by a festive atmosphere. This decor evokes a birthday cake merrily powdered with sugar freezes and decorated with candles. A whole symbol for the Tire-Laine and his founder Arnaud van Lancker, who celebrate the 25 years of existence of the company.

In the cabins, the the trumpet player Flavio Boltro carries out the last adjustments with the musicians. The sacred union shows through and the concentration is omnipresent. It's time, some whispers behind the scenes, last hugs, the eyes shine of joy to the approach of the frenzy which the projectors, the scene and the public get.

Installed behind his platinums, Malik Berki releases his electronic sounds as a prelude while the jazz band settles. A silence impresses curiosity and of expectation reigns in the room. Flavio Boltro enter the last on scene, his glance fixes the public, it approaches his trumpet, take her, put it to his lips… music.

The titles interpreters evolve around the African musics, Tziganes and of the jazz, coupled with the musical influences of the trumpetter in the spirit of a Miles Davis, Clifford Brown or of Lee Morgan. They offer to the public a resolutely modern jazz turned towards the improvisation and exploration or each musician transgresses and stretches his respective repertoire by working out a single concert.

Accompanied by his friend thirty year old, Sergio Zamparo, Flavio Boltro and the musicians of the Tire-Laine * literally transcended this evening offering to the public a contagious energy jazz.

Flavio Boltro: Trumpet
Sergio Zamparo: Flute
Yann Deneque: Clarinet, Saxophone*
Jessy Blondeel: Saxophones*
Grégory Leroy: Guitare*
Charles-Albert Duytschaever: Batterie*
Benoît Sauvage: Contrebasse*
Malik Berki: Machines, Platines*