The sacred water

The water of Lourdes comes from a spring cleared by Bernadette Soubirous in the cave of Massabielle, within the framework of the apparitions of Lourdes. On February 11, 1858, Bernadette, aged 14, left the Cachot with her sister Marie and a friend, Jeanne, gathering wood on the banks of the Gave, Massabielle. In the hollow of the rock, Bernadette sees a "lady in white": The Virgin Mary comes to meet her 18 times between February and July. the lady whom she saw said to him, "Come and drink at the fountain and wash yourself there." Since then, pilgrims have been drinking or bathing in this water.

The church set up a medical findings office. To date, 69 healings have received the status of "miraculous healing."
During 2002, 7,096 m3 of water from the source was distributed. The largest amount via faucets fountains and about a third in baths. Peak consumption is recorded in July and August.

The local production of candles is 700 tons per year, or 3 million tapers from 40g to 70kg.